Find out what the slot above your cell phone screen is for

Quel est l'emplacement au-dessus de l'écran de votre téléphone ?

Have you ever wondered what the slot is for? Find out above Of your screen Android phone? Nowadays, there are many mobile devices with different designs, whose screen folds or takes up across the front of the screen. But some have responded to this curiosity.

It is black and quickly hides itself between the bezel and screen of your smartphone. It is central and has a series Small Points. Have you ever noticed this interest in your mobile device? We free you from any uncertainty.


What is the slot above the laptop screen?

  • Many Many people think of it as a speaker, but they are not There are Cheated.
  • The exit slot from your mobile phone plays an important role in your daily communications: This is the earring.
  • It often lasts longer on Android devices, while not taking up much space on iPhones.
  • Likewise, during a call, it works Link With little ones Holes Located on the top and bottom of your mobile phone.
  • However, When you decide To use the speaker, the voice of your friend or family member will not come out of this slot, but from the lower speaker.
  • In addition, you should Always pay attention Do not put water in the slot because it is too brittle and rusty.
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What is the small hole in the bottom of your mobile phone?

  • Small Break On the surface of your phone Portable Used to improve the quality of your calls and reduce outside noise. This way they will be clear.
  • HoweverThe small hole in the bottom of your mobile phone acts as a microphone.
  • Many would have thought that the speaker would be as dual as your phone’s microphone, but if you do, You had everything wrong.
  • You should always be very careful when inserting the safety pin into this hole as it will damage the microphone. Quickly.
  • Often there is a hole Next to your mobile phone’s charging or connection port. Be sureE will always be clean so as not to shorten its lifespan.

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