Découvrez à quoi vous ressemblez vraiment selon la taille et la forme de votre front dans ce test viral.

Find out how you really are based on the size and shape of your forehead in this virus test

Personality tests are one of the preferred options for users to entertain themselves When they travel On social networks. In this sense, the test will surprise you throughout the day.

So if you want to know more about yourself, you have to choose the image that suits you The shape of your forehead. In this case, there is no time limit or correct or incorrect answers, only what you can find is important.

Image of a psychological experiment

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Type 1:

Wide forehead. It occupies most of the head. The wide forehead testifies to a person’s intelligence. In addition, people with broad foreheads have many talents and qualities.

Type 2:

Short forehead. One of the main qualities of these people is that they are very emotional. The voice they hear is the voice of the heart and sometimes they can be forgotten Must use their rational mind.

Type 3:

Right front. It is called straight because of the hair line The end of the forehead Is straight. Not only are they upright, these people are generally direct in their opinions and serious in their decisions.

Category 4:

Forehead with dome. This means that, as you can see in the picture, the hair is curled over the head. These people are life and very positive. They do not like monopoly. Their curiosity is pleasure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Category 5:

Forehead in shape “M”. The center of the forehead is slightly prominent, Creates two curves. These people are always head over heels in the clouds. They love an eye for details and art.

Category 6:

The foreheads of such people are somewhat like the tops of mountains. Not only is this form very rare, But it also means that you are the person you want the most. You are very sociable and enjoy working in a team. It is not difficult for you to be friends.

Category 7:

The People Having this kind of forehead can be a bit stubborn. They will do everything they can to create products Go in the direction they propose. Sometimes they force you, not because they need to, but to fulfill your wishes.

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