Lors des épisodes les plus forts de remontée de sable, le ciel peut apparaître orange. © Przemyslaw Iciak, Adobe Stock

A sand cloud is coming over France from the Sahara this week

A powerful southern flow brings large amounts of Sahara sand into the country until Wednesday. Discover pictures of the southwest covered in sand this Tuesday from the Pyrenees to the Atlantic coast.

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[EN VIDÉO] Sand clouds crossing France from the Sahara
Sand clouds recently crossed France, creating a yellow-orange atmosphere. © Future

It rained in the West Herald region after bad weather over the weekend, with dry weather again accompanied by intense southern flow. It bringsWind Gentle, but carry large amounts of sand from the Sahara to France and beyond, to the British Isles and the Netherlands. Otten winds were blowing at 100 mph in the southwest on Monday. Driven by these dust particles Across the entire region. In the south of France, a situation that occurs on average one to three times a year with varying severity.

Dusty skies, colorful mountains and pollution episode

This week’s episode is very strong, especially this Tuesday, and a significant layer of sand covers the Byronian peaks, making them look like Sahara dunes!

There is also sand on the roadsides Cars From the Occitanie region, but slightly higher in the north of France.

That Rising sand Is not unimportant, because during strong episodes, a Peak particle pollution Can register. This decline in air quality associated with PM10 particles can exacerbate respiratory problems in those who are already sensitive.

This atmosphere Dusty There is another effect like covering the sky and coloring it during strong episodes. During these Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the sky will be overcast for most of the country, which will control the intensity of the rays. The sun. It is even possible for this milky sky to get a slight orange color and a “red sun” look, which has already happened in similar situations in recent years. Weather report. In Algeria and Spain on Monday, the sky turned red, giving a catastrophic effect over southern Europe and the Maghreb.

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