Already unboxings, but be careful not to get frustrated

Already unboxings, but be careful not to get frustrated

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is expected to make its official launch on March 17, 2022. Many videos claim to pick up the phone. But pay attention to one detail: jack.

The Galaxy A53 is 5G

Galaxy A53 5G // Source: ác Khánh Channel

The Galaxy A53 5G should be offered for a while The event is scheduled for March 17, 2022. As we know, Samsung has some difficulties in hiding its phones before their proper trigger. But this time, it’s really a festival.

If you type Samsung Galaxy A53 in the search engine, you will find many more Unboxings Already taken care of.

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A YouTube user with just 8,000 subscribers, for example, made a post Video In a clear mocking tone. It features humorous music and a series of memes during a quick 43-second unboxing. We found out what the complete design of the Galaxy A53 5G will be, yet according to this video, Exynos 1280, but above all there is no box charger.

Complete capture, but false

However, be careful if you fall into the many alleged unboxing areas of the A53 5G because of its design Very close to A52. As a result, some dishonest YouTubers take advantage of it UnboxTV, Shamelessly deceives its 112,000 subscribers.

He thus refutes what he claims to be a complete capture of the mid-range device.

In addition to the complete design of the mobile, we have found a charging block capable of mounting Up to 15WA frame that can be metal, some shots captured on the device and its gaming capabilities PUBG.

You can count on it until you see the bottom edge of the mobile with jack input. However, so far, leaks from reliable leagues such as OnLeaks indicate that the only aesthetic difference with older models is the disappearance of the jack board.

The Galaxy A53 is said to be in the grip of the 5G, making it the Galaxy A52.

The Galaxy A53 is said to be in the grip of the 5G, making it the Galaxy A52. // Source: Unbox TV

In addition, YouTube uses an application called DRM Info Phone compatibility with Widevine L1 DRMWant to watch HD videos SVoD operating systems. However, this application fills in the name of the phone above. What exactly do we see? SM-A528B, presumably, Samsung Galaxy A52.

The first video we told you about above, for its part, reveals the cheek without the port jack, which reinforces its legitimacy.

Whatever happens, it’s best to wait until Samsung officially unveils its future bestseller on Thursday, March 17, 2022.

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