US SEC rejects 2-spot Bitcoin ETF applications, including NYDIG and Global X. FinSME

US SEC rejects 2-spot Bitcoin ETF applications, including NYDIG and Global X. FinSME

The Bonds And Exchange Brokerage (Dry) The United States has rejected a New York-based digital investment group and financial manager Global X’s application for a bitcoin exchange-trading fund, which was repeatedly postponed last year.

SEC does not accept bitcoin requests And f Cash from NYDIG And GlobalX.

As a reminder, New York Digital Investment Team (NYDIG) Submitted his request Registration And Bitcoin Exchange Trading Fund Stock Trading in June 2021. When that GlobalX Submitted in August. However, the panel noted the long delay in approving or refusing to accept the proposed rules.

On Thursday, March 10, a decision was made with the condition of the US regulator SEC These 2 requests were rejected. The news comes after a similar decision was made Wisdom Tree And Wanek In the cash application BTC And f. Citing concerns about fraud, manipulation and evaluation methods, the SEC concluded that they did not meet adequate standards.

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SEC in favor of the future of Bitcoin

Although US regulators have not yet approved the applications of financial institutions for spot Bitcoin ETFs, investment vehicles are linked to the future price of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Have been highly successful.

SEC President Gary PeopleHe said he wants to accept the future in August 2021 Crypto Transfer-trading funds rather than through direct disclosure. Since the announcement, several companies have filed petitions And f Future contracts BTC. The panel subsequently approved And f Related to futures contracts BTC Of Valkyrie, ProShares And Wanek.

At least one company is taking more effective measures to appear to be filing for pressure regulators.And f The crypto of other companies is still in operation. After the SEC delayed its decision on approving the change Grayscale His bitcoin belief in one And f BTC In cashThe asset manager has launched a campaign calling on US investors to submit comments to the SEC. It is up to the regulators to decideAnd f From here July 6.

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