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The Seychelles is now connected by a second submarine with fiber optic cable

The Seychelles is now connected by a second submarine with fiber optic cable

The Republic of Seychelles is connected to the second submarine fiber optic cable of the Pakistan East Africa Cable Express (PEES) system. Should strengthen its population access to quality connectivity.

“We had only one thing, especially if something happens today that puts us at risk. More than 95% of our traffic on the cable is on SEAS cable. If something goes wrong, it’s catastrophic,” said Benjamin Sophie, principal secretary of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.

In this infrastructure he sees an opportunity for his country to “protect and improve its communications mechanisms.”

The PEACE system is a 15,000 km submarine network that runs through Africa, Europe and Asia. It combines the latest 200G technology and WSS technology with the ability to transmit data over 16 terabytes per second per fiber pair. “It provides the means to meet the growing needs for connectivity in the country”.

The Seychelles government has provided $ 20 million to connect the country with this new high-speed telecommunications infrastructure. It should support the “digitalisation of public services and the growth of the digital economy”.

Amato Tina, managing director of Airtel Seychelles, said: “The telecommunications company has already designed new products, which will be launched next May when the new system is operational.”

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