Creuser Le Trou Le Plus Profond De La Terre Peut

If we dig a deep hole in the earth, we can access an unlimited source of energy

This is the bolder goal of the American energy company Quais, which aims to break the Earth’s surface than ever before.

Depth of soil to a pan, which impedes rooting

One of the most daring and far-sighted projects in energy production and development from renewable sources is an American energy company born out of the spin-off of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The Earth’s surface is larger than ever to access the planet’s largest source of geothermal energy. In short, the company aims to get closer to the center of the earth, using traditional millimeter-powered electromagnetic wave technology – originally designed to superheat plasma melting experiments – to explode rocks. Drilled. Under the surface of the earth. According to the company, this integrated application makes it possible to drill holes deep enough to reach rocks with a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius, which is sufficient to bring water to be pumped into the hole beyond what is called the supercritical level. , Increases sharply. Water extraction capacity Geothermal energy.

In the end, we have access to enormous, almost perennial geothermal energy resources, which are drilled into deep holes available practically everywhere, and almost all power plants use heat to generate steam and operate turbines. Connect. To this renewable energy source without having to worry about the shortage of fossil fuels or the rising cost of gas or the relentlessness of other renewable sources such as wind or sunlight.

The company explains that this transition can happen at surprisingly fast times. In fact, if it took 20 years for mankind to dig the deepest hole (a 12,289-meter cola well in Russia), it would take about 100 days to combine traditional rotary drilling equipment with millimeter electromagnetic wave technology to reach a depth of 20. Km Electromagnetic millimeter wave technology, in particular, relies on the use of kyrotrons capable of generating continuous beams of electromagnetic radiation by inducing electrons moving through a strong magnetic field. By combining a megawatt chyrotron with a drilling rig, Quies hopes to explode through hard, hot rock and melt it to evaporate.

Quice’s ultra-deep hybrid drilling rig combines conventional rotary drilling with millimeter wave drilling through a gyroscope, with argon gas / quiesz refined pressure

The company, which has raised a total of $ 63 million since its launch in 2020, is set to deliver its first field test within the next two years. Furthermore, if all goes according to plan, the first working system will be operational by 2026 and the acquisition of old coal power plants to convert them into steam power plants will begin. For those who are skeptical of drilling this deeply, for example, if an artificial volcano is created due to the risk of releasing magma, the company’s response is that it will not happen because the magma enters the hole with a smaller diameter. If built, it will harden in the first meter.

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