7:30 pm Media: Russia bombs children’s hospital in Mariupol – Daily

19h30 Médias : la Russie bombarde un hôpital pour enfants à Marioupol

“Apocalyptic” is a term chosen by the Red Cross to describe the situation in which Mariupol, in Ukraine, was bombed by the Russian military. Several hundred people have died in the city, according to observers. This Wednesday, Russia bombed a children’s hospital. Hours after the attack, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky visited the scene, where nothing was found. In Ukraine, nearly 2,000 journalists continue to cover the conflict, but it is becoming increasingly dangerous for them to do their job. After SkyNews, TF1 and BFMTV, Swiss photographer Guillaume Briquet is the target of a Russian attack. As the Russian military advances day by day, many intelligence agencies point out that not everything is going according to Vladimir Putin’s plans. CIA President William Burns told the US Congress on Tuesday, “Performance [la] Own army [de Vladimir Poutine] Became useless. Vladimir Putin wanted to annex Ukraine in two days, thanks to the population victory, but things did not go as planned. According to the CIA, between 2,000 and 4,000 Russian soldiers have already been killed in Ukraine. Russia’s casualties in 15 days are greater than the US’s military presence in Afghanistan for twenty years. The Russian military is facing significant logistical problems, with shortages of military trucks being replaced by ordinary civilian vehicles at short notice. If the Russian army wins, Volodymyr Zhelensky does not want to leave Kiev. For the past few days, the President of Ukraine has not hesitated to take to the streets, saying that he has not left the capital, that he is with the Ukrainians. On Tuesday, he addressed members of the British Parliament in a speech applauded by the House. Meanwhile, sanctions on Russia are mounting. 290 large Western companies have announced their withdrawal from Russia. Among them, Toyota, Volkswagen, Spotify, Apple, Heineken or Ikea and McDonald’s announced the closure of 850 of its restaurants. The US company has announced it will maintain the salaries of 62,000 Russian employees. The decline continues for Valerie Beckress. In the final ballot, the right-wing candidate fell short of the 10.5% vote target or lost 4 points in a month’s time. A man, perhaps, can help him get back on his feet: Nicolas Sarkozy. Despite numerous calls, he never declared his support for former President Valérie Pécresse. Bad for the candidate: Rumor has it that in a few days he may call for a vote for Emmanuel Macron. On the other hand, the highest voter was Jean-Luc Mலlenchon. For the first time, he is in third place behind French candidate Insoumise, Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. Will he become the “effective vote” candidate on the left? François Hollande, he is not of this opinion. When asked about France’s information this Wednesday morning, Alexis Corpier leaked information classified as a security secret about the supply of French weapons to Ukraine? If Sub Inzumis wants to play the comedy card, we in government will laugh less about it.

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