Unknown rocks would have made the earth habitable billions of years ago

Un vue d'artiste de la Terre primitive. © Nasa, JPL-Caltech, Peter Rubin

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Hadian is the most mysterious period in Earth’s history because we have no record of the Earth’s rocks, which actually tell us about the state of our blue planet 4 billion years ago. We do not know for sure whether the seas already existed at that time and if there were any less if life had appeared there. In this case the publications have been following and contradicting each other for decades..

Undoubtedly, at least by the beginning of Hadian, the earth was once covered by the sea. Magma Volcanic activity and bombing, even if global and eventually form a crustAsteroids And Comets We must make our planet a hell worthy of the Greek god Hades for at least a hundred million years.

Theory of creation The Solar System Also tells usAtmosphere The earth must have been fertile Gas Lack of carbonic and biogenic oxygen. So there must have been a strength Greenhouse effect And Our blue planet must have looked like Venus. Something must have happened at this time to remove the massive amount of CO from the atmosphere.2 To trap it in the shape of a rock.

Would the first age of our planet have been unworthy of life? Is there nothing left in this hellish time? Are we sure? Then, how a “ball of fire” became the planet we know, surrounded by the oceans … In nine minutes, unfortunately, the recently deceased geologist Herv Martin gives you the keys to decoding the environment of ancient land. . © French Society of Exophology

Two researchers from Yale and Caltech University in the United States, Jun Korenaka And Yoshinori Miyazaki, published in the popular newspaper Natural An interesting article Modeling The global transformation of the ancient earth, which caused it to pass from one ball to another Fire At One planet is almost the ocean Over a period of about 500 million years. Their mission is to capture carbon dioxide and bring a new perspective that the Earth has become a habitable and inhabited planet, which is not the case today. FridayUntil one believes the arguments put forward about the possibility Detection of phosphine molecules in the upper cloud layers of Venus’ atmosphere.

Exotic peroxides are disappearing

Korenaka and Miyazaki now argue that during Hadian’s time, rocks that do not exist today reacted with water. Liquid According to geochemical processes, when the Earth’s atmosphere was 100,000 times larger Carbon dioxide Than today.

Laws ThermodynamicsFluid dynamics and that Body And some Chemistry Atmospheres of the Earth’s interior are built by Hadian’s modeling Equations According to two geologists, it seems that especially concentrated rocks saved the earth from hell with a temperature of over 200 degrees Celsius. Minerals Belongs to the large family of pyroxenes – from the Greek language (Fire) and (Stranger): “Stranger to the Fire” -, Silicates Common elements Volcanic rocks And metamorphic species exist on Earth today.

These exotic rocks that do not exist now are particularly fertile வெளிமம் These types of rocks ( Pyroxanites) Had to react with CO2 Giving carbonate.

The formation of carbonates made it possible to remove large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which is found in the form. Limestone Deposited after Hadian Ancient oceansThis is not new and geologists have been considering it for a long time.

But in the new model of Korenaka and Miyazaki, the Code Hadian’s heat and convection andArchion Combined with these exotic peroxides, carbon dioxide would have decomposed 10 times faster. The crust of the earth. It would have taken only 160 million years.

As a bonus, as mentioned in a Yale University press release, the contact of the first ocean waters with the now extinct peroxinite would have been the same as it is today. Water hot springs Of Lost City (Lost city) in the middle of the Atlantic.

There are reactions Lifeless Between sea water and Peridotite In the upper mantle by a process called serpentinization. The result is fluid-filled Hydrogen And methane, all of these processes are relevant to certain principles The origin of life on earth.

Hervé Cottin, astronomer, university professor, LISA, University of Paris Est Créteil / University of Paris / CNRS, tells us about the Astrobio Education site, which invites you to discover exobiology. In the universe. Through an educational journey divided into 12 stages, researchers from a variety of disciplines will be able to understand how science works to understand the origins of life outside the Earth and how it responds to fascinating questions about its research. © French Society of Exophology

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