Who Is At Fault For A Sideswipe Accident?

Side swipe accidents are caused by a driver who does not maintain a single lane. The driver who fails to follow this rule and causes a side-swipe accident is usually at fault. is generally at fault for sideswipe accidents. However, other drivers may also be responsible if they do something to force the vehicle from its lane.

What Is Sideswipe Incident?

Side swipe accident is collisions between vehicles traveling in the same direction. The right side of one vehicle hits the left side of another. These collisions can prove to be very dangerous, especially if they happen at high speeds on highways.

The shock of an impact can cause the vehicles impacted to lose control or overcompensate in their efforts to maintain control. It is crucial to know the causes and how to respond to them.

What Are The Common Causes Of Sideswipe Collisions?

Sideswipe collisions can occur for many reasons. Most of them are caused by not paying enough attention to your surroundings. Sideswipe collisions can be caused by:

  • Drivers fail to inspect blind spots before changing lanes
  • Drivers who drift into other lanes, distracted by radios, electronic devices, or other vehicles,
  • Drivers intoxicated weaving in and out the lanes
  • Road rage, racing, or reckless driving
  • Not signaling a lane change
  • Merging is possible without carefully checking the lane
  • Two drivers merge into one lane
  • Hydroplaning on icy or wet roads

What Should You Do After A Sideswipe Accident?

These are six steps to take to protect yourself from a sideswipe incident:

First, Never Agree To Not Call The Police. No matter what the driver that hit you claims, call the police to get a report. You can find out if the other driver is honest before the scene has been cleared and all evidence is destroyed.

Take Photos Of The Vehicle Damage. Photos can sometimes help you determine the direction of an impact. This can help you determine who caused the sideswipe collision by looking at photos.

Third, Take Photographs Of The Scene. An accident re-constructionist can sometimes use the location of debris and damage to the roadway, known as “yaw marks”, to help determine who is at fault.

Fourth, Obtain The Name And Address. Get the name, address, and number of any eyewitnesses. Eyewitness testimony can be used to prove liability in sideswipe accidents cases. If you can physically do this, don’t rely on the officer to get it. They may not always be able to get the information.

Fifth, Get Medical Attention For Your Injuries. If you are severely injured, you should have someone else perform the four above tasks for you while you receive the medical care you need.

If You Sustain Injuries, It Is Important To Contact A Lawyer Right Away. These cases are often very urgent. If there is any concern, a lawyer can get the other driver to give a statement.

Who Pays If Both Parties Cause Collision?

It is often dependent on where you live that who pays when one party is partially at fault. Your own insurance company will pay for the damages to your vehicle or your person if you live in a state that is not at fault. It depends on whether you’re in a contributory or comparative negligence state. Also, what the specific rules are.A jury may find that you are less than 50% at fault and award you that portion of your damages. You cannot recover anything if you are more than 51%. Some states allow for recovery at different percentages. You may be barred from any recovery if you are found in a state of contributory negligence.

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