The “tip” that could turn the forest into savannah is approaching faster than expected

The “tip” that could turn the forest into savannah is approaching faster than expected

According to models from “Natural Climate Change” magazine, global warming alone will push the world’s largest tropical forests into irreversible change.

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Under global warming and deforestation, the Amazon is approaching “The point“It will transform the world’s largest tropical forest into savannah,” according to a study published in the March 7 issue of the journal Monday. Natural climate change (Link in English).

To achieve this dangerous discovery, researchers are examining 25 years of satellite data to assess the Amazon rainforest’s vulnerability to shocks such as fire or drought. This key indicator of the overall health of the Amazon ecosystem is that it has a regenerative capacity of more than 75% of its surface and up to 50% in highly damaged areas, especially near human activities or in areas affected by drought.

According to the models, only global warming will push the Amazon rainforest towards irreversible change. A recent report by IPCC experts, released in late February, warned again of this possibility that some models could be triggered by 2050. According to a recent study, the Brazilian Amazon jungle is already gone. “Carbon Sink” Net carbon proofThis powerful greenhouse gas emits 20% more than it has absorbed in the last decade.

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