Kobe Bryant's 81-point warm-up jacket has been put up for auction.

Kobe Bryant’s 81-point warm-up jacket has been put up for auction.

There are always dates engraved in NBA history. January 22, 2006 One of them. Actually that evening, Los Angeles Lakers No. 8 Kobe Bryant The helpless Toronto Raptors scored 81 points from the head. To date, Mamba’s 81 points is the second best points performance behind 100 points in American league history. Wild Chamberlain In 1962.

As we talk about this special day, the pre-game warm-up jacket worn by Kobe Bryant went under the hammer for $ 277,000. It was worn 6 times during the regular season by Black Mamba and during the 2006 playoffs.

The proud owner of this piece is called David Collar, President of SCP Auctions is an American company specializing in the resale of American game collections. The latter is one of the largest collections of Los Angeles Lakers monuments.

“After collecting Kobe Bryant monuments over the years, I’m delighted and proud to add this special item to my collection, one of the most important games in NBA history,” Koeler said.

This created a unique NFT Corwin Cheung From the “Upper Tech Elegant Collection Basketball” collection that pays homage to No. 81 in Chinese culture


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