Discovery of the Balkanadolia or a forgotten continent between Europe and Africa

Discovery of the Balkanadolia or a forgotten continent between Europe and Africa

Disappearance – 34 million years ago, the Balkanadolia was home to unique species that disappeared when it merged with Europe and Asia.

A Forgotten Continent, Unusual Animals Nowhere Else on This Planet … You might think the story came from a fairy tale, however it is actually a very serious science fiction, published Earth Science Reviews (March 2022). This continent is called Balkanadolia. It disappeared 34 million years ago and was absorbed by the European tectonic plate. But before it disappeared, it was inhabited by a unique fauna whose traces can be traced back to the soils of southern Europe, the borders of the Balkans and Turkey.

“Excavation teams first discovered some of the most unusual animal fossils in the area,” Says Alexis Liszt, paleo and bio-geologist at CNRS, the first author of the publication. Marsupials close to South American animals and the oldest cats that disappeared from Europe 55 million years ago. We also found mammals, whose morphology is similar to that of hippos, but they are not.

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