Impression d'artiste de la collision entre deux étoiles à neutrons. © University of Warwick, Mark Garlick

What is Kilonova, where the remains were first discovered?

By studying the signal GW170817, as a result of the fusion of two neutron stars, among others, in one kilonova, the astronomers point to the singularity of this phenomenon, which is likely to provide flux clues of the remaining X-rays. About the nature of matter caused by the fusion of these two massive stars.

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Detected August 17, 2017 Galaxy NGC 4993 by Tools Lego And The sign of Virgo (Designed to detect two interferometers Gravitational waves), GW170817 Is a signal that causes direct attentionGravitational waves. Described as oscillations in the curve Space time Gravitational waves propagating from one source were predicted by Albert Einstein As early as 1916, but in September 2015 it took almost a hundred years for the first observation of gravitational waves to be made.

A unique signal

As stated in it AstronomersThis signal will continue to be issued Merging Between the two Neutron stars. But its specialty is to find itElectromagnetic waves Related to: This is the first time an astronomical phenomenon has been detected in the form of gravitational waves, as well as light. In fact, a Startling Detected by gamma (GRB170817A), associated with GW170817 Fermi gamma-ray space telescope Within two seconds of the onset of the gravitational wave signal.

Since then, nearly 70 observatories have been involved in monitoring the event, either on the ground or in space. The Radio telescopes American V.L.A. And VLBA, for example, was able to observe the waves Radio Residues associated with GW170817, confirming a view Integration Two Neutron stars.

A Kilonova associated with the event

Detected almost 11 hours after observing the gravitational waves, the AT 2017gfo event was described as one. Kilonova (Can be defined as a Supernova Underlight). Due to its spatial-temporal proximity to GW170817, this Kilonova is associated with the same neutron star link. This phenomenon is accompanied by a jet of electrified particles, moving at one o’clock Speed Near it Light And a production Chapter X-rays are measured by NASA’s Lunar Laboratory. According to a team of American astronomers, the study of these X-rays is important to identify the material that results from the fusion of these two neutron stars.

Shortly after discovering them, X-rays emitted by the jet aircraft Thing As the jet velocity of the object decreases, it will decrease slightly. But since 2020, this decline Brightness Leading to a relatively constant emission of X-rays and being stopped. As stated in it AstronomersThis implies the detection of an additional object different from the charged particle jet: another source of X-rays is needed to interpret these observations.

Backlight … or black hole?

According to astronomers, This new source of X-rays may come from the shock created by the rapid expansion of debris resulting from the connection between the two stars. The shock heats up the surrounding objects, thus emitting X-rays – a phenomenon that is then associated with the residual luminosity of the Kilonova.

A hypothesis Black hole Is not ruled out because objects falling into this cosmic giant can similarly produce X-ray emissions. , Because the corresponding radiation must be very bright.

To find the end of the story, see The Astronomers X-rays and radio waves will continue their observations about GW170817: Emissions of X-rays and radio waves are expected to increase in the next few months if residual luminosity from Kilonova occurs. On the other hand, if the emission of X-rays decreases and the emission of radio waves stops, scientists will lean towards the scene of a formation. Black hole (This would be the least detectable!).

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