For Scott Morrison, ” the relationship between the two countries

For Scott Morrison, " the relationship between the two countries

The Australian prime minister welcomes the announcement of the French ambassador to Canberra. Awaiting contact with Emmanuel Macron. Scott Morrison does not regret cancelling a deal to buy French submarines in favour of the US. He, in turn, did not compile contacts with Paris.

Scott Morrison has welcomed the announcement of the French ambassador to Canberra. Paris had it Remembered as a symbol of anger, Followed byCancellation of the contract for the purchase of submarines from France. They will be replaced by US nuclear submarines as part of the new Australia-UK-US trilateral alliance known as Agus.

True, the head of the Australian government accepts this difficult decision, repeating that he prioritized his country’s national interests. But to believe it, even if it has harmed France, this episode of submarines cannot permanently change the strong ties that unite the two countries.


“The relationship between Australia and France is more important than an agreement, and France’s presence, importance and influence in the Indo-Pacific region is not related to an agreement”, Scott Morrison argues. “The French have a real presence here in the Indo-Pacific. They have a long-term commitment and are working with Australia on a whole range of different issues.”

“Other security agreements”

“We have other security agreements with France”, He pleads. “We have about $ 32 billion [près de 2 417 milliards CFP] Agreements with not only French but also European entrepreneurs. France has already had an important role and an important future here for a long time and we welcome that. So it’s basically a question of taking everything we are working on and continuing them because they are so important, they have a great purpose, they are absolutely in our interest and in France and we look forward to getting on with this mission.”

Are we making a phone call?

The fact remains that the visit of the French ambassador is only one step. Scott Morrison recently admitted that Emmanuel Macron refused to take him by phone (when the French head of state spoke to the US president and the British Prime Minister). But the head of the Australian government wants to turn the page quickly.

Looking forward to our first meeting [avec Emmanuel Macron], Our first phone call. We have worked very closely together and I look forward to having this difficult time.

Scott Morrison, Australian Prime Minister

Elysee Palace wants seriously prepared dialogue…

For its part, last week the Elysee Palace launched a “Subject conversation” With Australia before making contact again. L. A. C. According to one of his advisers, who quoted the I, Emmanuel Macron will beD ” always (…) Available to talk” With Scott Morrison. But this conversation had to be ready “In a very serious way”. The door is not closed, but it takes a little preparation time…

Anyway, as Mika Mert, geologist, explained to , France will continue to cooperate with Australia, especially in its overseas Indo-Pacific region Management.

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