Cryptocurrency: Is “Duffy’s Godfather” Andre Cronje leaving the ship?

Andre Cronje and his friend Anton Nell formalize their plan to drop Deffie. Therefore, the two decided to put their assets up for sale without violating already built protocols (such as Yearn.Finance and Fantom).

A farewell to the crypto community

Andre Cronje DeFi is a well known personality in the world. He gave himself the nickname “DeFi Architect”, but he is sometimes considered the “Godfather of DeFi”.

This morning, his partner Anton Nell announced on Twitter:

Andrew and I decided to close the chapter on {sic ளி’s contribution to the defi / crypto space.

He agrees with it in this tweet ” A result of distilling for some time “.

As a result of this withdrawal, Paddy noted the closure of the websites he controlled and the permanent withdrawal from space.

As a reminder, Andre Cronje built his reputation on the development of the Iron.Finance Yield Optimization Protocol. He excelled during his time as Chief Code Reviewer at Crypto Briefing. His friend, Anton Nell, is very famous for collaborating with Phantom. In addition, the two have already demonstrated in its portfolio the joint realization of ICO projects for crypto briefing.

Cronje has destroyed all traces on Twitter

Cronje, who deleted his Twitter account this week, did not surprise viewers. In addition, the latter looked at his latest maneuvers on LinkedIn, especially indicating that he did not work in the Yearn.Finance, Fantom and Ethereum ecosystem. The last thing Nell did before this announcement was very obvious: he told the Keep3r network community via telegram that it was over for him and the project.

Otherwise, according to them, this departure will not disrupt the functioning of the protocols they have created, knowing that the latter are deployed Smart deals Unchanging.

One of the latest tweets Cronje Speaking at the Crypto Briefing, he said they ” Change / Disable domains and web applications we control, and opt out of DeFi / crypto “.

Basically, it goes to the square one: traditional funds (TradFi).

Falling prices of YFI, KP3R and FTM currencies

In response, Panteck, the pseudo-developer of Yearn.Finance, responded to the announcement. Cronje “clarified. does not work [Yearn] Even if it has been done for more than a year, there are 50 full-time contributors and 140 part-time contributors.

However, he acknowledges that the years when both Cronje-Nell were active at DeFi were prosperous. Iron. Because of his great contribution to popularizing the yield farming trend in finance, it is quite logical that the title of “Duffy’s Godfather” goes to Kronze.

Sometimes, the YFI token sees an astronomical rise, causing the “Summer of Duffy” event to appear.

The same Cronje has introduced popular products in Ethereum and other EVM-enabled blockchains. It was in such a situation that his magic appeared. Testing in production ”, Due to the habit of ordering projects in blockchain without first auditing.

If you know for sure, find out who the author is Andre Cronje. Based on Fantom, the project was inspired by the tokenomics of Curve Finance and allowed the network to accumulate billions of dollars in cash flow.

On the community side, the reactions seem mixed: many of the cryptocurrency users expressed their gratitude and support for the two DeFi personalities. Nevertheless, their affiliate programs almost collapsed: on this day, Yern.Finance’s YFI fell 7.5%, KP3R Keep3r fell 24.4%, FTM 14.4%.

The Cointribune team wishes them a peaceful and successful transition. Let them re-establish the same ambitions in their new positions!

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