Australia: will 10,000 wild horses be slaughtered soon?

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The N. A. A. has proposed a plan to reduce the population of brumbies located in Kosciuszko National Park.S.W government can agree. Part of the horse population will be slaughtered, while the rest will be moved to the park.

Terrible news for Brumbies safety. More than a year later, Is aiming for a new project Population reduction Between 14.000 and 3.000 wild horses living in the natural area of South Wales.
At the end of October, about sixty scientists had sent an open letter to the Australian region’s environment minister, pushing him to act.

Horses furious in Australia

The brambles pose a problem because they do not belong to the country but would have come at the time of European colonies. Wild horses Destroying the Australian ecosystem, Due to their hard hoof that does not fit with the country’s environment.
The Australian Academy of scientists endorses Brumbies ‘ reduction plan. They are pushing the government to reduce the population further, due to recent droughts and bushfires that have ravaged the country’s ecosystem.

Charity tries to stop gull scheme

To reduce the population of brambles, the government wants to use a Wind blowing technique, That is, killing horses from helicopters. A barbaric process that abandons horses to their fate leaves them to die on the spot.

Australian Brumby alliance Congratulations thank you for preventing the slaughter of brambles Petition To the Environment Minister. In 2008 the ABA was established to promote and protect Brumbies. The association brings together various wild horse conservation groups across Australia.

If the government adopts the plan, the population reduction of the brambles will start in just a few days and end in 2027.

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