Nearly 500 million animals have died due to the fires

Nearly 500 million animals have died due to the fires

Thousands of tourists have 48 hours to leave before arriving in tourist areas on Australia’s southeast coast. This peak will promote the progress of the great fires ravaging the country.

At least 5 million hectares of forest have burned since the fires began in Australia.

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Australia has been consumed by wildfires since September. At least Five million hectares One, destroyed by flames More than the part of Belgium . As a result, the rich fauna of the country is destroyed.

Are koalas more vulnerable?

Many videos and photos have circulated on social networks: in one of them, a dehydrated koala drinks directly from a cyclist’s bottle. These species have been severely affected. The reason? Koalas move very slowly and eat only eucalyptus leaves, which are filled with oil and therefore very flammable. The environmental minister, what layer of the world according to the min.S. It is estimated that 30 per cent of koalas in the W region have perished in the blaze, or nearly 8000.

The minister added that it would only be known that the exact number of dead animals “once the fire calms down, an appropriate assessment can be made.”

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