After Australian deal fails, Navy team accounts chime

After Australian deal fails, Navy team accounts chime

After the cancellation of the” deal of the century ” Australia, the Naval Group is due to conclude its negotiations with campera.

It’s instant. After the cancellation of the Australian contract, the country will have to deliver its response to the Navy team in a matter of days. After weeks of difficult negotiations, the Frenchman made his accounts and sent an invoice. This is really a question of recouping the amounts established by the Naval Group. This is not compensation. If the Australian press mentioned 400 million euros, a source close to the file explains that we would be much less.

For its part, cambrera set the conditions and negotiated the so-called “deliverables”, in this case, documents, minutes, design studies, although Australia has the right as a client. Everything must be signed before Christmas. Delicate negotiations because many trade secrets so that the Naval Group does not leave Australia. A “collaborative” dialogue soberly comments on an internal source.

“Change out”

If both sides agree, a new phase will open. The Navy team said it would be” transition out “to”finish the project clean.” It must be said that closing buildings in Australia, dismantling technology platforms, returning the last teams and documents. A phase of wing reduction to be agreed until next June.

Meanwhile, the meter continues to run, as the Navy team sends and will send invoices to Australia each month to cover all ancillary costs.

An “embryo” program

Some voices have been raised in Australia, particularly against Prime Minister Scott Morrison, after the agreement was smashed by Australians and the announcement of the Agus plan. The former prime minister’s specifically, but, a few weeks ago, former Defence Minister Chris bainin points out that a deal with France would have created 25,000 jobs in the country. In fact, 110 Australians who worked on the project have been laid off..

For now, the Agus project – which is meant to supply Canberra with nuclear submarines – is still embryonic. According to a spokesman for the Ministry of the armed forces, France may have delivered its submarines between 2030 and 2033, with Australia likely to have to wait until 2040 to better capture its future nuclear submarines. Can we imagine Australia will one day reconsider its decision in this context? “Pure fiction,” says a person close to the case. However, this source adds, Let’s not forget that Australia needs to hold federal elections in a few months and that political replacement is still possible.

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