Rare Australian earthquake sparks panic in Melbourne

Rare Australian earthquake sparks panic in Melbourne

The earthquake, which occurred at a depth of ten kilometers, surprised the second population City of Australia At 09: 00am (23: 00 GMT) and was felt around hundreds of miles.

5.9 magnitude earthquake in Australia

Rescue Services received calls for help, as did Dubbo, about 700 kilometres from the detention centre. United States Geological Survey (U.S. Geological Survey)S. G. S) estimated the volume at 5.8, before revising it to 5.9.

Most of Melbourne’s residents, confined for eight weeks, were at home when the earth shook. Footage of panicked residents leaving their homes flooded social media.

Among them is Suam FIM, 33, owner of open coffee Melbourne, When the tremor occurred, they rushed into the street. “The whole building was shaking. All the windows, the glass Shiver was shaking like a wave, ” he told AFP.

An extraordinary event in Australia

“I’ve never experienced this before. It was a little scary, ” she says. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, reacts New York, Stressed that there were no casualties or significant damage.

A. F. B

Nevertheless, he acknowledged the “very disturbing” side of the earthquake for people, in an area not used to shaking like Australia.

“Everything started to shake… Everyone was in a bit of shock, ” 30-year-old cafe worker Parker Mayo told AFP, while footage from the Chapel Street shopping area showed bricks falling to the ground.

The magnitude 4 occurred shortly after the first tremor. Large earthquakes are unusual in southeastern Australia, the most densely populated region.

A. F. B

“I was sitting at work at my desk… It took me a while to figure out what it was, ” Mark Holcombe, mayor of Mansfield, near the epicentre of the quake, told the ABC.

It was the largest earthquake in southeastern Australia in years, University of Melbourne geologist Mike Sandiford told AFP.

He said an earthquake of this magnitude occurs every “once every 10 to 20 years in southeastern Australia and the last was in 2012.” “We had very large ones of six sizes in the late 1800s, although precise magnets were not well known,” he pointed out.

Geoscience Australia said the quake was followed by a series of four aftershocks of magnitude 2.5 to 4.1.

Several hundred to come later

Australians should expect” several hundred setbacks, most of which can’t be felt by humans, but probably a dozen will be felt, “the scientist warned, speculating about the” billions of dollars of damage “that would have occurred if the earthquake had”occurred under Melbourne.”

Work to repair the damage could be complicated by ongoing curfews and protests. Hundreds of people wearing work boots and construction site Jackets rallied in central Melbourne on Wednesday to protest the compulsory vaccination of construction workers, as most construction sites in the city were suddenly closed.

On Tuesday, Melbourne riot police used pepper spray and rubber bullets to disperse a violent protest and said the rallies “will not be tolerated.”

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