Our innovative virtual reality experience test offered by Conimet, The Edge

Our innovative virtual reality experience test offered by Conimet, The Edge

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Edge, the Virtual Reality Center at 10th Amendment, presents you with its first unique and innovative VR Experience Canymeet. For 30 minutes, solve puzzles on a space platform and try to escape from it!

Want to travel in space without leaving the capital? Direction The EdgeCenter Virtual reality Discover its first experience in the 10th arrondissement (April 13 to 11th, the brand moves) in central Paris We Are Unique in its own way, Canimede. The experience of living between two or four players (or more) will immerse you in an abandoned space platform.

The pitch is very clear: “Your task is simple: Save humanity from yet undetected threats … Cooperation, observation and responsiveness will be your assets to succeed in this mission on the Ganymede space platform.“It’s a slightly different experience from what the capital’s virtual reality centers can usually offer … and for good reason, The Edge Here presents, first of all, his own creation. Overall, it took two years to achieve this completely new adventure.

Then, the experience differs by its immersion, making the players wear one Hoptic jacket Vibrating according to the actions performed, as well Joysticks with sensors, By opening your fingers and grasping objects gives you the opportunity to capture objects in virtual reality as well as in real life. Objective: To provide you with virtual reality, otherwise. On the helmet and controller side, it is Valve code. Otherwise, the player is positioned at a Vibration stationAnd feel Effects of heat and wind Thanks to the radiators and fans.

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Experience tested by editorial staff. This is very different from what you can see VR Centers The Pharisees offer a slightly different approach to virtual reality, and are exponential. The effects of heat, vibration and ventilation have a lot to do with it. Thanks to the joysticks, very loyal rendering in terms of handling Valve code. Graphically, the experience is beautiful and very comfortable to play.

Ganymede, The Edge's Innovative Virtual Reality Escape GameGanymede, The Edge's Innovative Virtual Reality Escape GameGanymede, The Edge's Innovative Virtual Reality Escape Game

Very short experience (30 minutes), and relatively easy for those accustomed to this type of activity. But the goal here is not to challenge you or confuse your brain over puzzles … here, there is room for experimentation. We Are Its most beautiful and striking with controllers and headset capabilities. Make way for a little thought … To avoid frustration, note that depending on the progress of each team, several results are possible and the level of difficulty varies according to the number of players.

In short, you will understand, Canimede A great experience Virtual reality, Whether you are a beginner or a complete expert. All that is left is to throw it in the water … shall we book our session friends?

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