Fake $ 240,000 transfer order fraud from Val-d’Oise to Brazil

The criminals seized the company’s computer system, although it was protected, and ordered a false transfer order to a bank account hosted in the UK. (© Illustration / Adobe Stock)

This is a new type of fraud that affects not only individuals but also companies. In recent months, the number of complaints about fake transfer order frauds has multiplied.

These scams can take many forms: identity theft, “fraudulent computer technician” fraud or rib replacement fraud through “president-minister fraud”. These will specifically target companies, fraudsters who steal the identities of real debtors and encourage employees to make bank transfers to a fraudulent account.

This is how two companies were attacked by fraudsters Val d’Oise And Brazil. A fraud, brought to light by genders Versace Research Division (Yvelines).

$ 240,000

It all started with an order for surgical equipment from a Brazilian company to Valdois, a company that specializes in this field. The purchase amount is US $ 240,000 to be paid electronically.

The order form is verified and documents and bank details are exchanged by email. However, in December, the South American company received a new bank account statement from its Valdois supplier. Without any doubt, she relocates. Weeks passed and the delivery was not successful.

Bank account in the UK

By contacting the leaders of 95, they confirm that they have never received funding. Both companies realized the fraud and Valdois had hijacked its identity. To do this, the criminals seized the company’s computer system, although it was protected, and ordered a false transfer order to a bank account hosted in the UK.

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Following the filing of a complaint in late January, Pontoise’s attorney general decided to seize the financial investigation team of the Yvelines Research Division (Sr). Investigators then implement a quick blockade strategy aimed at finding and returning the funds.

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This monitoring is complicated because the money diverted by fraudsters is quickly broken into and transferred from account to account.

Versace Research Division

However, on February 22, investigators found, frozen, and returned three-quarters of the 180 180,000 or so stolen property to their owner. Investigations are ongoing to identify the culprits.

This is the second time in six months that investigators from Versailles’ research division have cracked down on fraudsters with false relocation orders. In September 2021, more than 20 420,000 was returned to the import-export company from Royce in France.

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