Bruce Wayne was about to meet this iconic villain in a cut scene

Released Wednesday, March 2, 2022, pictured The Batman Maybe one of the most important superhero movies of the year. As fans flock to theaters to find out, we learn that a scene where Batman meets an iconic villain has been cut.

Expected meeting

After initially provoking disbelief, The Batman Has quickly become one of the most anticipated films in recent years, It’s since the release of its first trailer. Released a few days ago, Film with Robert Pattinson excites critics (By the way, you can read ours here), and a significant part of the audience seems to see in him a worthy successor of the trilogy’s films The Dark Knight By Christopher Nolan.

Of course, the success of the film led to the illumination of its talented director Matt Reeves, who gives a lot of information about the future of licensing in film and television, but also more Reveals some details about this first film.

In conclusion The Batman, A scene deeply captivated the audience. In Arkham Asylum, The Riddler, played by Paul Dano, chats with his co-prisoner from the next cell. In line with viewers ‘ assumptions, Matt Reeves confirmed that it was indeed the Joker, The Dark Knight’s nemesis.

The US director explained, during an interview with US media Collide, That Batman must have met the Joker, But that scene was cut.

There is a scene that the audience wants to see, but I didn’t put up in the end. […] It was a very nice scene, the same invisible prisoner from Arkham. In an earlier scene, Batman receives cards from the Riddler and wonders, ” why is he writing to me? I have to be anonymous!”So he’s going to do some research on serial killer profiles. Undeniably, you see him meeting someone who is a serial killer. You see the mysterious prisoner and you think, “I think I know who this is.”

So obviously this meeting between Batman and Joker might have been exciting, Matt Reeves, however, admits he didn’t bring anything to his story. Given the length of the movie, which is already about three hours, it is understandable that this scene has finally been deleted. However, The filmmaker promises that viewers will see the scene one day. On DVD bonuses or possibly in a longer version?

From now on, it remains to be seen what Matt Reeves will do with the character of the Joker. In an interview, The filmmaker had announced that the character was, for now at least, not the main antagonist of the next film. Reeves also has a clear idea of the identity of the villain he wants to see on the road of the Dark Knight in the next film.

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