Anti-racism, diversity, protection of minority rights … raised madness in business

Anti-racism, diversity, protection of minority rights ... raised madness in business

FIGAROVOX / Interview – Big Companies Awake, Ann D. Quickney, Journalist Reveals Figaro EconomyIn a stubborn investigative book about this new religion that is now occupying the work world.

The Figaro Magazine. – Is the wave born out of American society condemning racism and discrimination against minorities spreading to companies?

Anne de Kigney. – This is the reality itself. In the United States, corporations have made a sensational entry into politics over the past ten years. Most recently, their involvement has supported the Awakening Tide, in which they pay serious attention to identity questions. Therefore, within a few months, the groups listed on NASTOC, in the second stage, with the aim of respecting the diversity quota, will have to specify the race / ethnicity and sexual orientation of all members of their board of directors. Companies like Disney or Coca-Cola, in formal training, invite their white employees to meditate on the benefits offered by their race.

Europe is also rapidly converting to this new religion. Lufthansa asked its staff in July 2021

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Freedom is about going to the end of the debate.

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