Wonderwomath is the author of “Making Mathematics More Attractive” on TikTok

Wonderwomath is the author of "Making Mathematics More Attractive" on TikTok

“Fortunately, there is sinus! The latest video released by Wonderwomath on TikTok sums up the character nicely. An author Mathematics The 28-year-old is good at his sneakers and he decided to give his discipline a less tough image. “I try to make math more attractive,” considers her real name Estelle Koller. Middle school At Louis Armand Nancy. It was precisely his students who discovered his nickname on social networks.

“That was the time I thought of starting a channel Web light During his imprisonment, “Lorraine recalled trying out long videos first. Until you find out TikTok, “By getting it from a girlfriend”. “I registered in January 2021 and saw teachers doing lessons or jokes. But no math so I thought “why not me”! ⁇

Today, the Wonderwomath platform has nearly 360,000 subscribers, not to mention the account instagram For nearly 20,000 followers. After all, she “shares a video every day. “Not only the lessons, but also the general fun scenes on social networks. After all, his work and mathematics are not far off.

“Fortunately, there is sinus”

Here, they are precisely set to the song (“Fortunately, there is sinus”), where, a variety of activities entitled a little dance. Of course, not forgetting these narrow insights at specific points of the show, especially in college. “My students often encourage me. When I see them blocking at some point, I tell myself that it’s worthwhile to make a dictum out of it, ”the author continues, knowing the finite purpose of his products. “I’m focusing on one concept, not a whole chapter. It’s very relevant to TikTok, which needs to go faster because people want to swipe.”

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