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Last month, we delivered Kick-ass Pushed by fans of Latest Marvel movie Spider-Man: no way home When the latter is not recommended Academy Award for Best Picture This year, and this despite the undoubted success he has encountered. So, after Kevin Smith and Jimmy Kimmel, it’s a time Samuel L. Jackson Telling everything he has in his heart.

Oscar for most popular film?

On the occasion 94th Academy Awards Held on March 27 this year, the academy recently announced that it has decided to engage the public in a more direct and concrete way. Alongside Twitter, he then set up “Oscar fan favourite”, A place where everyone can go and vote for their favorite movie. But they have been heavily criticised recently Incredible results.

If this effort is still somewhat shaky in its use, The idea still has the merit of being protected, and that’s Samuel L. Jackson.. In a recent interview, Times newspaper, The American actor suggested that the Oscars should highlight more of the films that attract people and bring them to the cinema, With the creation of the” Oscar for the most popular film.

The most popular film should have an Oscar. Because this is the raison d’ĂȘtre of business! Spider-Man: no way home This year should be rewarded [car] He did how movies know: bring people together in a big, dark room…

All images are valid. Some people are desperate to go to the cinema. Some people like superheroes. There are people who have had successful careers, but no one can recite just one line from one of their roles. I, the guy I say “shit,” we put on T-shirts!”.

Finally Samuel L. Jackson

In fact, Samuel L., However, he never received an award at the Academy Awards ceremony. That’s why the actor believes he should already have an Oscar under his belt at this stage of his career. The only Oscar nomination he received was for Best Supporting Actor To film Pulp Fiction (1994) by Quentin Tarantino, and Jackson to announce : “I should have won that one”.

But that year, Jackson lost to Martin Landau for his role Ed Wood. The actor pointed out that he also missed another Oscar for the film Jungle Fever (1991) by Spike Lee, He wasn’t even nominated for that. At the time, Harvey Keitel and Ben Kingsley had taken this place for their roles in the film Bugsy (1991), much to Jackson’s fraud.

My wife and I went to visit Bugsy. Damn it! They were nominated, weren’t I? I think black people usually win for doing hateful things on screen. Denzel [Washington] In terrible guard Training day. All the great things he did in advanced roles like Malcolm X ? No, we’ll give it to him when he plays that bastard. So maybe I should have won one. But the Oscars move the comma in your check. The number of donkeys you manage to get into cinemas is what makes your stamp and I’ve done a good job in this regard.

But this year, Samuel L. Jackson, Jr. He will then receive an honorary Oscar at the Governors Awards 2022 March 25, two days before the big Hollywood festival.

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