Audrey Gentilucci est passée par Bain et AXA.

The demise of Audrey Gentilucci, one of the first flames of French technology

La French Tech is losing one of its best talents. Audrey Gentilucci, co-founder and CEO of Label Experience, passed away on Saturday, February 26, following a long illness. The 35-year-old mother was instrumental in shaping the ecosystem of French start-ups.

Before setting up its interior design agency in 2015, it had peaked Ranking of “Echoes” Development Champions , He was actively involved in the birth of French technology. In 2013, when he was trusted by many with the intention of working on Flor Beller’s project, he joined a small circle in Pfifrance.

“She never proposed herself.”

“When I joined the team, I knew nothing about deck, and he was the one who introduced me to a hundred people,” said Cecil Prosett, co – founder of Sonio and former director of Pfifrance Hub. She simply had the ability to bring people together. That young woman is not really one of the media personalities of the changed digital districts.

Often, politics, whether voluntary or not, is over-emphasized. “I do not know if it’s wise, humble, or shy. I would say it’s very gentle and very respectful of his work relationship, ” says Aymeril Hong, Flor Beller’s adviser at the time, who is also the minister in charge of SMEs, innovation and the digital economy. Audrey Gentilucci is the originator of the French Tech Grant, which benefits thousands of start-ups each year.

At the moment, Audrey Gentilucci is still working with Payne. Consulting was a great natural path for this talented student who studied at Science Po Bordeaux and Essec. “I met her at the time and rewinded Maud Franca, deputy director of Caisse des Dépôts, to build everything around French technology. She stood alone for her incredible ability at work, but radiant and glowing. .

“The existence of light”

Following his experience at Payne, he joined AXA as a Digital Transformation Project Manager. She has a tie Major partnership with BlaBlaCar To ensure all of Unicorn’s operations in Europe. “When we started working on this matter, we saw that this sector was becoming very disruptive and we had to stop. But Audrey told me that the future is in our hands. So I allowed her to continue with the project without telling anyone. As a result, she was amazingly successful,” Belen Muscoso del Prado, former director of AXA Group Transformation and Digital Strategy, recalled.

She left the insurer in July 2015 to set up a label experience with her childhood friend Sophie Darrier. This unique architectural firm has been fitting shops, restaurants, offices and even seminar venues, such as the Rice, one hour from Nice, on the Permaculture School Farm.

“We immediately appreciate the originality of the label experience analyzing all of your needs. Audrey is a bright, thoughtful and creative personality. She’s light, ”said Rice’s co – founder Clara Comert.

A great network

“Audrey is a big believer in the impact of changing third places, just like he did in French technology,” says Sophie Terrier. Together, the two have also set up dedicated locations for start-ups such as Le Connector in Piarritz, Ricelab and the Scoop Innovation Studio in Paris. Oliver Godinad, her husband, Just as smart as her. Jean-Claude Charlotte, co-founder of the school, notes that “these are two people with a large network but more focused on the activity than the communication.

Beyond these professional experiences, Audrey Gentilucci is also a dedicated woman. Summer in Argentina with the Association for Improving the Living Conditions of Marginal People in Favola. Another to start the Maxense community in Australia to support social entrepreneurs. Or the association J’accède, which raises awareness of access to public spaces for the less mobile. One of his latest projects, Moho, third place in Kane, It summarizes this journey and its commitments: interest in history, versatility, innovation, internationalism and above all impact.

“Moho would never have known such a start without its historical culture, knowledge of third places around the world, and its expertise and comprehensive focus on impact,” said Nicholas Gerre, co – founder of the site. A shooting star.

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