Tasmanian tiger or “sick Fox”? Strange canid caught on camera in Australia

Considered extinct almost a century ago, did the Tasmanian tiger – or thylacine-survive? A new video shot near Melbourne brings grit to those who believe it.

Continuing, testimonies and images from Australia are revived Debate over Tasmanian tiger’s perseverance , A tabby dog-like marsupial that would have disappeared completely in the Wild at the turn of the century, a few specimens of which survived in zoos until the 30s.

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But most of the videos that cause uproar on social networks are shot in the middle of nature, which is far from homes. This is not the footage recorded by a couple in a car in Strathmore, a small town on the outskirts of Melbourne. The video, shared on TikTok, shows what looks like a pet dog at first glance. But immediately the passenger exclaims: “What is this? Wouldn’t that be a Tasmanian tiger?”And, in fact, we distinguish what scratches canid’s silhouette will be with its shaved coat, reminiscent of an extinct animal.

@Anti_b11 Extinct Tassie Tiger looking creature found in Strathmore, Melbourne . What is it really? @ Channel 9 # Turn off#Damsel#tasmaniantiger#Thylacine# Melbourne#Westmelborn# Animals# Victoria#fyp#fypa♬ Original sound-Andyy00

The scene takes a surprising turn when the author of the comment leaves the car to follow the enigmatic creature. He follows her for a few metres before she disappears into the darkness. Despite the excitement of the moment, it is not certain that the two witnesses witnessed the resurrection of the famous marsupial and have considered other hypotheses, such as a “very sick” Fox or a dog with scabies. It is difficult to conclude from these images alone, but this video is added to the former to maintain suspicion. And, like Strathmore’s mysterious animal, the rumour mill is still running…

Below are colorized archive images of thylacine, captive, in the 30s

Which reproduction is prohibited

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