Fashion: Genevieve Hashim, Moroccan Exhibition of Milan Fashion Week

Fashion: Genevieve Hashim, Moroccan Exhibition of Milan Fashion Week

This young fashionista of Moroccan descent has been on everyone’s lips for more than a week now as he has been able to impose an innovative style with his new collection “Abaya Street Kochur”.

Her name is Zineb Hazim, she founded her own fashion brand in 2021, and today, more than ever, she embodies the struggle of Muslim women against stereotypes in the fashion world.

Having accepted to wear the hijab from a young age, she, as a fashion designer today, demands a new look at solid collections. Modest fashion.

The young lady from Morocco, founded in Italy, is new to the fashion world. In fact, until last year, he had been climbing the ladder at a subsidiary of an American company based in Italy and handed over to public administration.

But we have to believe that his passion for fashion and creativity prevailed because Genevieve Hashim decided to step out of his doorstep to start his own fashion brand to fulfill his dream. He then began studying at the Fashion Institute of Burco in Italy, and soon after he graduated he founded the house of Genef Hashim in 2021.

The main source of his inspiration is Morocco, his home country and his cultural and traditional reference. Zineb Hazim, however, is determined to stand alone, managing this humble aesthetic with modern codes and shaking up preconceived notions about what is called Islamic fashion, through his fall collection “Abaya Street Couture”.

He associates abaya with unusual fabrics such as tweed, denim, cotton jersey or sequins.

We also see high waist pants, jumpsuits, long coats and bright colors that elevate this new hair far from the monotony of Islamic civilization in dark and neutral shades.

During this year’s Milan Fashion Week, as part of the “We Are Made in Italy” event, a fashion show honoring five talents was organized by the group. Black Lives are important in Italian fashionSuccessfully launched in 2020 by designers Stella Jean and Edward Buchanan and PresidentAfro Fashion AssociationMichelle Francine Ngonmo.

Anna Windor, the famous editor-in-chief of the American edition of Vogue, took the opportunity to chat with the young Moroccan designer and did not fail to discover that Genez Hashim lasted long in front of the racks. .

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