Free and Telco Oi lose their subscribers roaming in the US

Free and Telco Oi lose their subscribers roaming in the US
Free and Telco Oi lose their subscribers roaming in the US

After operators in France, Free Reunion informs its subscribers about the immediate cessation of 3G in the United States. One that signifies bad news in every wish.

“Since the end of February 2022, US operators (especially our partner operator AT&T) have been shutting down their 3G networks. ⁇ Announces for free in its support area. Unlike the French frenets, From this period onwards, free Reunion subscribers (and presumably TELCO OI / Pro and Only / Pro Mayotte) will no longer have mobile coverage in the United States. As a result, subscribers will no longer be able to make / receive calls or SMS / MMS or browse the Internet from the US mobile network. The operator invites its subscribers to use instant messaging services via WiFi connection and specifies that the subscriber can hear its voice messages through the area.

Total service cut due to unresponsiveness on the part of the Iliad / Axian team regarding the implementation of 4G roaming service and VoLTE for Réunionnais (and Mahorais) subscribers. As a reminder, subscribers who do not have access to 4G roaming in the mainland of France.

During the 2021 conference, Free told us that 4G roaming for free reunion is scheduled for early 2022. We have resumed free in this matter and unfortunately we do not have a definite answer or an exact date in this matter.

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