9 minutes to charge the smartphone with the Oppo SuperVooc 240 W.

9 minutes to charge the smartphone with the Oppo SuperVooc 240 W.

At MWC 2022, Oppo came up with a new 240W fast charging technology. This power record will fully charge the smartphone within 10 minutes.

Recharge Oppo SuperVooc on MWC 2022

Recharge Oppo SuperVooc at MWC 2022 // Source: Oppo

Hard boiled eggs take 9 minutes to fully cook. This is also the time it takes for Oppo to fully charge the smartphone.

Explosion of power

The MWC 2022 This is an opportunity for brands to show their muscles in the riot of new technologies. Everyone goes there to make a look with their new mobile product. This year, the PC has been given a special place, but smartphones are still there. Admittedly, the biggest flagships have already been released. However, this does not preclude manufacturers from offering anything else.

Oppo, for example, has nothing to prove after its best in 2022 Locate the X5 Pro, But the Chinese brand has a habit of presenting new technology at the Catalan event. Often around photo or fast charging. This year, this is the second option.

240W fast charging

10 A to 24 V, which is 240 W. This is the power of Oppo’s new SuperVooc Fast Charging. It was released at the Mobile World Congress 2022. At this speed, the manufacturer claims that a standard smartphone can be 100% charged (hence about 4500 mAh by battery) in just 9 minutes. 3 minutes 30 is enough to find 50% battery.

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Only one record (so far)

It may be difficult for some to understand, however, why Oppo released two faster charging technologies at once: one 150 W, Like realme – a brand from the same BBK Electronics group -, and another 240 W. Because the first is more realistic and available this year in consumer products, the second one Source of opinion Create new record.

If the record is significant, we imagine that such power would test the phone’s battery, making it difficult to maintain the correct temperature while charging, while at the same time keeping the small design for the smartphone without shortening the life of the accumulator. . 9 minutes in front of you and even if you have a smartphone … you can always cook eggs.

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