Vladimir Putin has listed his demands for an end to his invasion of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin has listed his demands for an end to his invasion of Ukraine


During a telephone conversation with President Emmanuel Macron, Vladimir Putin on Monday set out his preconditions for the end of the Ukraine invasion: “recognition of Crimea as Russian territory”, “reduction” of the Ukrainian government and “neutralization” of Ukraine.

“Recognition of Crimea as Russian Territory”, “Destruction of Ukraine” and “Neutrality” for the country. Vladimir Putin in detail, in a telephone interview with Emmanuel Macron on Monday, February 28, His preconditions for ending the invasion of Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin Recognizing Russian sovereignty over Crimea, the militarization and destruction of the Ukrainian state and the guarantee of its neutrality were the preconditions for any settlement, the Kremlin said in a statement after a telephone conversation between the two. Heads of state.

Ensuring “Russia’s legitimate security interests”

Shortly afterwards, Russian and Ukrainian representatives, who had been holding talks on the Ukraine-Belarusian border for the first time since the start of the Russian offensive, split to hold consultations in their respective capitals. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But both parties have agreed to meet “soon” for the second round.

According to the Kremlin, the Russian president stressed that “the resolution of the conflict is possible only if Russia’s legitimate security interests are unconditionally taken into account.”

The Russian president assured that “the Russian side is open to talks with the representatives of Ukraine and hopes that they will lead to the expected results.”

Emmanuel Macron did not immediately comment on these requirements. Elysee simply said that she had asked French President Vladimir Putin to stop anti-civil strikes and protect roads in Ukraine.

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