The brain changes its connections in space

L'absence de gravité modifie les connexions entre les neurones du cerveau. © whitehoune, Adobe Stock

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Where the human body was built on earth Gravity Knocks us to the ground. Prolonged stay in space is an alien environment for us on Earth, Force him to change. Scientists are carefully studying this phenomenon and its consequences.

The loss should be limited Mass Bone and muscle, Astronauts Of International Space Station Do (ISS) exercises Body Between two scientific experiments. I ‘Weightlessness Also works Brain. For the first time, the pursuit of twelve astronauts who traveled to the ISS shows that their brains have somehow “returned”. The study appeared Boundaries in neural circuits.

Gravity defect changes the brain

For this joint venture between the European Space Agency (ESA) And Roscosmos, spent twelve astronauts MRI Before and after they stay in space. To examine the structure and function of the brain, MRI is performed after a special procedure called tracheography, which shows the neural pathways in the brain. ” Our study was the first to use this particular method to detect changes in brain structure after space travel. “, Explains Floris Wuyts, a researcher at the University of Antwerp (Belgium).

Due to the changes, the researchers noticed many of them. First the connections between the neurons in the motor area of ​​the brain have changed. ” Motor areas are the centers of the brain’s commands Movements Are launched. Under weight, an astronaut must adapt his orbit to Earth. Our study shows that their brains are modified Andrei Doroshin, the first author of the study, explains. This rewiring has been going on for more than seven months since the astronauts returned to Earth.

Corpus callosum, junction betweenRight and left hemisphereIt seemed strange to the astronauts as well, but the scientists realized that this was not an inherent change in the corpus callosum, but it was a little more pressing than usual.

With regard to muscle and bone, understanding the brain changes caused by weight loss will allow you to establish the right actions to fight. Melting Muscles. Mankind aims to stay in space for a long time, and these long space missions pose a danger. To torment the human body.

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