Fresh frosts before the risk of climate change in the Mediterranean

Fresh frosts before the risk of climate change in the Mediterranean

This Sunday morning there was frequent snowfall in our plains, on the Langkawi and Russell sides. In the coming evening, the clouds will be temporarily abundant, which will first control the temperature drop. However, these clouds will dissipate overnight and all conditions for the establishment of good white frosts will be met again by the end of the next night. Clear and windy night. Tomorrow morning, there will be frequent frosts in our countryside.

At least 3 to 5 degrees Celsius is generally positive at sea. We expect 0 ° C in the western Hérault and eastern Aude plains, otherwise -1 to -2 ° C inland. On the card, the hot-card will be -1 to -2 degrees Celsius and internally -4 to -5 degrees Celsius. A low of -8 degrees Celsius is expected near Lausanne (in the lowlands near Adobe). In Pyrénées-Orientales, it is often 0 C during the day and -2 / -3 ° C locally in Conflent. Nice frost in Lozère, up to -10 C in regular lowlands.

Monday to Tuesday nights will be slightly mild. First, a better return to the Mistral Ron, which would favor a positive minimum. At the end of the night between the Eastern Herald and Kart some low clouds will rise from the sea. It also has a slight effect on temperature. Elsewhere, however, the winds are weak and clear at night. Therefore, exposed campaigns are usually small white frosts with values ​​of 0 ° C and internally -1 / -2 C.

The risk of frost is slightly less pronounced than the previous day and it may be the last frost night of the week. It will be cloudy at night from Tuesday to Wednesday and from Wednesday to Thursday. There may be some rain locally as well: we will mention it by then, but the accumulations will be very weak. Temperatures will return to at least 3 to 5 degrees Celsius and 6 to 8 degrees Celsius in the ocean. Here is an approximate estimate of the ARPEGE model:

Over the weekend, the scene is still uncertain. A cold drop hovers between Penelox and France, and it really can’t figure it out. Depending on where it isolates itself, the weather regime will be more or less humid and more or less cold. Overall, we expect cloudy weekends in our regions, with the risk of rain and snow-like forms in the plains.

In the presence of clouds, the risks of frost in the plains are expected to be very low. This risk may increase as the high pressure returns next week.

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