Tom Cruise, after breakup, $ 290 million disaster

Tom Cruise, after breakup, $ 290 million disaster

After reuniting with his celibacy, Tom Cruise is reportedly preparing to face a financial disaster with Mission Impossible, whose production budget has exploded. It’s now close to $ 300 million.

That’s because of the health crisis.
Due to the health crisis caused by covid, the Hollywood actor, separated from Haley Atwell, and her teams are “chasing Mission lost time and production costs: Impossible 7 really exploded because of delays,” reports star system magazine, which is based on an exposure from the National Enquirer magazine.

That’s 100 million more than the previous installment Fallout released in 2018.
“This means that receipts from Mission: Impossible 7 will require access to billions of dollars at the global box office for the film to be profitable,” the release states.

“A film should do at least three times more than that if we want to
Making money, ” a source tells the National Enquirer. “It’s a hell
The challenge to overcome even for Tom?!ยป. The pressure is mounting.

“His biggest fear is that M:i7 will be a big flop,” a source close to Tom Cruise said. The actor and producer will have a difficult time enduring such a failure.

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