The math teacher is very popular with young people and their parents

The math teacher is very popular with young people and their parents

He teaches at a college in Meurthe-et-Moselle, but above all he is the most famous math teacher at TikTok.

A college teacher here is not really like the others. As of February 2022, 359,000 Internet users will be following the Wonder Woman Estelle Collar on the TicTac social network. At age 28, he continues his lessons in the bedroom of his apartment in Villarois with weird little videos. “History of Classic Lessons, Comedy Videos, Events and Mathematics”, Says Estelle.

It starts during the first imprisonment she proposes Courses on YouTube To his students at Louis-Armont College in Villers-lès-Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle). His YouTube channel Charismatic His solution to give one “Promotion” In mathematics for middle school students with less focus. “It changed the video conference lessons. I was well aware that students were not diligent during their imprisonment and they did not have to do homework.”

At the end of 2020, Estelle discovered TikTok, a social networking site with popular entertainment videos for users between the ages of 13 and 24. “I saw videos of colleagues, why not me? There were no math teachers at the time, I just saw an important place.”

Estelle is well aware of site codes with over one billion active users per month. She tries to joke. “At first I stuck to the humorous page and laughed at the situations everyone at school enjoyed. As soon as I started to feel comfortable, I did the educational content.”

His learning method was popular and as of February 2022, his account had 359,000 subscribers. Eight videos with over one million views, an average of 70,000 views per issue, and nearly 500 videos have been released. All of these figures are enough to turn the young teacher’s head.

At a steady pace of one video a day, Estelle draws her ideas from the college curriculum and student requests. Spends less time creating videos on YouTube “Between ten minutes and an hour at most” Create what is commonly called TikTok. The product artisan, he photographs himself with his smartphone in his living room and records examples written above his hop. “I shoot, edit and publish”.

I do very little of the terminal content, which is hard in less than a minute.

Charts, colors, keywords and simple notes are what he provides for students from sixth to third year, “The videos are very short and I want to popularize a lot, for students who are in a lot of trouble, this is a last resort. The enchanting process is more complicated when you want to converse with high school students. I do very little final year content, students need help with reasoning, and it’s hard in a minute. “

To arouse the interest of the students, he gives concrete examples. It works. “I bring up little math interests that I don’t have time to teach in school. We are very academic in class and do not take the time to give interesting historical events. […] I love finding math everywhere I travel. “ As witnessed by his video tour of Chatto de Sport.

wonderwomath What are the main characteristics of French gardens? # Author # Mathematics ♬ Four Seasons – Vivaldi

Her reputation grew exponentially as she taught lessons. Students, parents and teachers appreciate this: “Teachers openly recommend my videos to their students. This is very commendable. Even people in the rectory have started contacting me to share my experience.”

In his classes From Louis-Armand College in Villers-lès-Nancy, Estelle Kollar notices a difference. They come to class very excited with new eyes and they really want to learn. I clearly saw an improvement. Significantly, but not miraculously, this improvement does not guarantee a formal 20/20. TikTok still has its limitations. These are very short videos, we can not go into detail. Nothing changes the classroom lesson with the teacher. “

Nothing changes the classroom lesson with the teacher

Short and playful content that does not impress everyone, especially its Haters (Or opponents). From “Older Generation Teachers” Those who regret the harshness of traditional education and strangers who have been offended by the presence of a national education teacher in Diktok.

“People who criticize my videos and find fault with me are often depressed when I realize the need to explain things and how we teach. Famous people [contraction des mots anglais “man” et “explaining”, désignant l’attitude condescendante d’un homme qui explique à une femme ce qu’elle connaît déjà bien].

“When a woman talks about science, it’s not always normal Disaster in the comments. There is a shortage of women in science. It’s clearly a fight I lead, and it’s close to my heart.

In recent years, many teachers have landed on online education videos. For some it is a huge extra income. For others, like Estelle, it pays nothing. “I’m eligible to cash in, which means I can get 600 euros from the start, but frankly, this is complicated.

Moselle Teacher takes satisfaction in making videos after her day job. “I do not force myself to do that. On days when I’m tired, sick or unwilling, I do not do that. I do not have to report it to anyone.” She said with a smile, symbols of influence and InfluencersInternet celebrities are accustomed to partnerships.

To avoid any ethical ambiguity with its status as an author, Estel does not promote products or partnerships. “I’m a teacher for everyone and all sections of the community. It’s hard for me to improve internships or fee books. Dictoc is free, everyone has access. I am very committed to equality at school.”

With WonderWomath, we remember that math is something useful and something beautiful. Good!

Her diology goes hand in hand with her admiration for inspiring knowledge transmitters. First Jamy Gourmaud, host of the cult show This is not rocket science In France 3. “I belong to the generation that grew up with Jamie and Ivan MongaFamous Alsatian author on YouTube, his “Model No. 1” Inspired by that. His fantasy? Tag the TikTok generation as Jamy did “I’m not in that position yet, but I like it. I want to share my knowledge.”

Teacher-researcher MP, Cedric Villani, who won a medal in mathematics at the event, encouraged and congratulated. You are amazing. “In these small or large videos, we talk about math as we always do. With tough and good humor, tenderness and enthusiasm, […] We have questions, solutions, theories, explanations, […] For our intellectual interest, for our economy, for progress and innovation in general. With WonderWomath, we remember that math is something useful and something beautiful. Well done. ” (Find an excerpt from the show You are amazing From 32:39.)

False recognition of reacting to the main interested party. “I did not really expect this, and my work – I think – was verified by a Fields medalist [prestigieuse récompense en mathématiques, équivalente au prix Nobel]He had time to appreciate my content, and yes it’s very pleasing. “

“In France, we can train the best mathematicians, but not our children properly. We know how to create elite, but in general nothing.” Students from CM1 to 4e, according to a 2019 study “Country of Mathematicians” fiancee Worst in Europe In mathematics and science. Ironically, a quarter of Fields medalists are trained in France.

Find other stories like Estelle on the show You are amazing Monday from Friday at 9 a.m. France 3 Grand Est.

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