Israel: NSO files defamation suit against Calcutta newspaper for allegedly using spyware by police

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NSO Group files defamation suit against Israeli spyware company NSO Group on Sunday Calculist As well as a series of articles accusing the publication publisher and its editor of using spyware without judicial oversight against Israeli police activists, members of the public, journalists and government officials.

At a hearing before Rishon Lezion Magistrates’ Court, he was awarded 1 million shekels (274,000 euros) in damages.

The NSO had previously warned that it would continue Calculist Several allegations in recent weeks that the police have misused the Pegasus, the NSO’s powerful Internet spy tool, have sparked an outcry in Israel.

A judicial inquiry was then launched.

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Newspaper Calculist Dozens of high-ranking figures, including former ministry heads, business leaders and family members and associates of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have been reported by police to have been spied on by the NSO group using Pegasus spyware without providing evidence.

The NSO group allegedly provided “money bags” to a U.S. security agency to access cellular networks across the country, the report said earlier this month. Washington Post.

The offer was reportedly made by a whistleblower who described the meeting between representatives of the two companies in confidential reports to the U.S. Justice Department obtained through the newspaper.

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