This Samsung Soundbar is ideal for boosting up to 40% of your TV's volume

This Samsung Soundbar is ideal for boosting up to 40% of your TV’s volume

Are you buying a new TV now and want to improve your sound? Cdicount now offers Samsung HW-A530 / ZF Soundbar with a good ad. It is usually available for 179.99 euros against 299 euros.

Samsung HW-A530 / ZF Soundbar

Samsung HW-A530 / ZF Soundbar // Source: Manufacturer Site

Good TV It’s good, but with a good sound it’s even better. Samsung HW-A530 / ZF no Sound bar Very high, but offers more powerful sound reproduction than the built-in speakers of your TV set and gives a surround effect to the video content. So there are many arguments for her to settle in your room, especially when she is Benefits by reducing to 120 euros.

Briefly HW-A530 / ZF Soundbar

  • Powerful and deep bass
  • 2.1 Sound reproduction and surround sound thanks to its Dolby Digital and DTS: X compatibility
  • Built-in speaker
  • Bluetooth and HDMI ARC compatible

Usually priced at 9 299.99, the Samsung HW-A530 / ZF Soundbar benefits from a 40% discount on the Cdiscount site. Thanks for this ad, like this It costs only 179.99 euros.

Powerful sound for a cinematic feel

Sound bar Samsung HW-A530 / ZF The latter offers high quality 2.1 sound reproduction that will perfectly enhance the content of your movies and series. It offers a deep and powerful sound experience with deep bass, not to mention compatibility with DTS Virtual: X technology for a surround effect, which greatly helps with immersion. “Smart Sound” mode is always on and is responsible for analyzing each content to enhance the sound reproduction of the content you are viewing (games, movies, concerts, etc.). A mode is also dedicated to video games to enhance the sound experience.

This model offers a good technical sheet without paying too much, and would be a good solution if you do not have a big budget to improve the sound of your TV. The HW-A530 / ZF Note delivers a total power of 380 W, including 220 W for the speaker.

A simple and easy-to-install soundbar

With such power, you should expect a soundbar with a padded design. It weighs less than 2 kg, but its thinness makes it easy to slip under your TV without harming your decor. It will definitely not stain under your TV and you can easily mount it on the wall. Although the loudspeaker (wireless) can be heard when needed, it is sensible.

In addition to Samsung, it is Bluetooth compatible, which allows you to transmit the sound of your phone, transforming it into a well-connected home speaker. Finally on the link page, you can count on an optical input, an HDMI ARC and an HDMI port. There is even a multifunction function to connect two devices simultaneously, which is very practical in the evening, for example.

The final guide to choosing your soundbar

To find other soundbar tips, we invite you to consult now Our guide to the best soundbars based on your budget.

In recent years, sound bars have proliferated for the enjoyment of your evenings in front of the TV, but how to choose? Here is a comparison of the best soundbars to help you.
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