Session-Presentation meeting of the 39th Rencontres du Sinoma Latin amerisine Jean Eustache cinema, March 5, 2022, pesac.

Session-39th rencontres du cinéma latinaméricain presentation meeting
Jean Eustache cinema, Saturday, March 5 at 19:00
Meet us at 20h at the Jean Eustache cinema on Friday, March 4, for a meeting session around Renato Barbieri’s puerza film. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Ilana heineberg, a lecturer specializing in Brazilian literature and culture. The return to theaters will also be an occasion to open the exhibition in the 40 years of FAL33, which will be at the Jean Eustache cinema from March 2 to 22. The opening will be at 19h. ?PUREZA-Renato Barbieri-101 minutes-fiction-Brazil synopsis : the movie, inspired by real events, tells The Story of Pureza, a mother searching for her missing son after leaving home for the gold mines of Southern Pará. In his quest he discovers a system of enslaving rural workers. Working on a farm, he witnesses the brutal treatment they undergo and the destruction of forests. He escapes and reports the facts to federal authorities. Without credibility, fighting against a strong and evil system, he returns to the wild to gather evidence of his reporting in Brasilia.
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The presentation of the festival with the opening of our exhibition and the screening of the film Pureza by Renato Barbieri.

Cinema Jean Eustache 7 PiS Rue des poilus pesac Le Borg Gironde

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