Scientists are concerned about rapid landslides in the Mediterranean

La qualité des sols de la région méditerranéenne atteint un seuil critique. © krisana, Adobe Stock

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In the latest issue published in The science of the total environmentResearchers warn of a particularly low level Soil quality Mediterranean region. This study summarizes the soil conditions in the EU, where 70% of the soil surface is particularly degraded and loses its ability to provide essential environmental functions. Because if soil quality is importantAgricultureAlthough this is generally from an environmental point of view.

Effects of poor soil quality

Provides a healthy soil storage and both Drain Water capacity, a system Filtering Contaminants but exchange Mass And d ‘Energy Between different ecological spheres. However, perennial soil management practices, in conjunction with Climate changeEspecially in the Mediterranean region, causing gradual poverty of the soil.

In this zone of the EU, the soil appears to be very sensitive Flood And Droughts. They have the highest erosion rate and the lowest levels in the EU Organic matter. In addition, this area is classified as an important one Pollution From the soil Metals Heavy and InsecticidesIn relation to high population density and The inevitable increase in asphalt surfaces. Intensive cultivation of some Species In particular, etc. TomatoOlives and grapes lead to gradual poverty of agricultural land, which is unlikely to recreate.

The main shortcoming is the lack of data on the impact on biodiversity

However, although many studies look at the problem of soil erosion in this region, the study points to the fact that some studies have been conducted on the impact of soil erosion at the biological level.

Although it is certain that a high erosion rate directly affects human infrastructure, especially by increasing the risk Movements Landslides, landslides, etc., worsen the condition of biodiversity in the first meter soil. The Insects And earthworms like ants and EarthwormsReally helps control the size Nutrients On the ground. However, the lack of studies on the communities of piercing organisms does not allow for the time being to assess their impact on evolution and human activity. Similarly, it is difficult to assess the impact of the negative evolution of these communities in their direct context.

Soil quality reaches critical stage

We only have observations that tell scientists that soil quality has now reached a critical stage. Since the 1950s, the Mediterranean has been subject to marginal episodes Drought Increasingly often, farmers are forced to abandon their lands affected by desertification. In return, abandoning this territory leads to an increase in wildfire risk. And the scientists responsible for the study warn Changing farming methods, Combined with significant land use change, leading to critical stages of animal habitat loss. The Mediterranean region is characterized by abnormal biodiversity, which is of great concern due to the high number of species. Local.

Yet, no specific European law has been enacted to protect soil quality in rural areas and prevent their urbanization. The study again shows that there is an urgent need at the political level to stop soil degradation that is already well underway.

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