César 2022: Xavier Giannoli’s “Lost Illusions” crowned Best Picture

César 2022: Xavier Giannoli's "Lost Illusions" crowned Best Picture

ILost Illusions, An adaptation of Xavier Giannoli’s Best Novel of Honoré de Balzac, won the César Award for best picture on Friday, February 25. The 49-year-old director did not go to Olympia to receive his award.

“You have been the master craftsman of this film that you created, communicating your enthusiasm and passion to the whole team,” Olivier Delbosc, one of its producers, told her, adding that Olympia had come to accept a statue for her on stage. “Xavier, I’m talking to you. You breathe, you sweat the cinema. Working with you is exciting. In fact, you deserve this Caesar,” he continued.

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Rain of rewards

His acid fresco in magazines and its drifts, for which Benjamin Voisin, as Lucien De rubembre, also received the César Award for best male hopeful, is a favourite this evening. Popular hit in France with over 870,000 visitors, Lost Illusions He eventually received seven Caesars.

Leos garraux wins César Award for Best Direction for his rock opera Annette, With Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver, to music by sparks. The first time the 61-year-old French-American director achieved through the film was the Cesar double for the best directing and directing award at Cannes, where it premiered at the start of the last ceremony. A secretive and persecuted artist, the filmmaker did not move to collect his award.

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Valérie Lemercie St. “Aline”

Valerie Lemercier wins César Award for Best Actress for portraying Celine Dion in true-false biopic she dedicated to Quebec song Star, Aline. The actress had already won the Sesar award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in 2001. Freely inspired by the life of the international star, the film, directed and directed by Valerie Lemercier, tells the story of Aline Dew, a Quebec singer, relegated to the status of star thanks to her exceptional voice. More than a biopic, this sixth film by Valerie Lemercier is actually a declaration of love for the singer.

Benoît Magimel, 47, won the César Award for Best Actor for his role as a patient at the end of his life During his lifetime By Emmanuel Bergot. He notably won against Hollywood actor Adam Driver, nominated for Annette In the same category as Best Actor. He already received a cesser in a Supporting Role Head held high (2016), a Male Performance Award at Cannes Pianist (2001). Anamaria vardolomei Event, As a young student determined to have an abortion in the 1960s, she received the César Award for Best Female hope. In Aissatou Diallo Sagna Fracture, And Vincent Lacoste in Lost Illusions Each won the César Award for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor.

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