This technology can reveal everything that is hidden underground

Pour la première fois, un gradiomètre de gravité quantique a permis de localiser un tunnel sous un mètre de terre en conditions réelles. © Maxim Malevich, Adobe Stock

Researchers have discovered a tunnel one meter below the earth. Using a quantum gravity radiometer. For the first time, a technology capable of leaving the laboratory and interacting with facts on the ground.

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A quantum gravity radiometer. Funny word. For a fun machine. A radiometer is a device that measures the slope of a scale in space Body. The gravitational radiometer therefore measures the variations of the gravitational force. Also in the case of a quantum gravity gradimeter, measurement is made using the principles. Quantum physics. Thanks a Sensor It measures the changes in gravitational force a Cloud OfAtoms Cemetery.

Vibrations, tilt of instruments and disturbances may occur Magnetic fields And outdoor temperatures have long limited technology to the laboratory. But today, University of Birmingham researchers (United Kingdom) They have been able to mitigate these different noises and have found practical application for a quantum gravity meter. With its help, they discovered by measuring a tunnel buried at a depth of one meter from the surface. Micro Gravity Variations.

Many applications in different fields

Researchers estimate that their quantum gravity gradimeter will make research cheaper and ten times faster than conventional sensors in the future. All with increased accuracy and reliability.

Expected applications are plentiful. For example, security and security applications. From such activities Micro Gravity Makes it possible to express undetectables and thus be able to move quietly, even in difficult situations.

The quantum gravity radiometer will revolutionize the way we design, build and maintain our homes and infrastructure. It can help identify natural resources – or structures hidden underground – or improve the prediction of similar events. Volcanic eruptions.

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