“The Godfather III” seen by Arnaud desplech:” it’s more left-wing work than others, but it fascinates me greatly”

"The Godfather III" seen by Arnaud desplech:" it's more left-wing work than others, but it fascinates me greatly"

The Godfather returns (3/4) – analysis of a revamped version of the last part of the trilogy with Arnaud Desplechin, a big fan of the Coppola meme, for the theatrical release of “the godfather.” For (re)watch on myCanal and DVD.

Always for fans, new beginning Godfather III, Vertically, can be confused. Khan, elegant and melancholy traveling in the dilapidated house of Lake Tahoe, a remnant of a shattered family. The haunted project about Freddo, Michael’s brother, who evaporates and is executed on a boat at the end of the second episode… Repackage the tissue. The last part of the trilogy now opens with commercial talks between Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) and the Vatican banker : « I need your help, Dan Corleone, and it’s not about lighting a candle ! » Business instead of feelings. Cool performance instead of emotion.

Going up Godfather III In honor of his 30th birthday, in 2020, Francis Ford Coppola always seems to obey the obsessions that guided him: rip and start. He has constantly, over time, modified his works, Apocalypse Now Of course (Final Cut after Redux version), Outsider, Cotton Club And, already, in the early 70s, the first two strands The Godfather, Chronologically rearranged for the purposes of a television series (Godfather, complete novel).

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