Interested M. A. to star in fast and Furious C. U actress

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Brie Larson, theCaptain Marvel’s translator Wants to get a role in the saga, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Fast and Furious. A message that will undoubtedly delight Marvel’s fans.

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It’s’MCU actress Said he was interested in the idea of playing Fast and Furious. For her, the script of the American film is stunning. You need to know that the young woman in the poster of Just wonderful A big car enthusiast next year. In addition, as he already appears in many commercials for carsNissan ambassador.

Can Captain Marvel land in fast and Furious?

In an interview with the media Prxx That Brie Larson shared her dream Participate in filming Of Fast and Furious. During this conversation, the interviewer did not miss him Propose a cross-over idea Between Captain Marvel And Fast and Furious. However, this plan is unlikely to be clearly realized.

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“Please tell everyone that I obviously want to be in the fast and Furious movie. I’m obsessed with it. I love them. I think they’re really good. They’re so funny. They made me appreciate cars. I’m ready to play new characters no matter what the cost. I think you put your finger on something that I really have a lot of love for, so I’ll be a starter”

Brie Larson, Captain Marvel’s interpreter in the MCU

Fast and Furious, a saga that captivates Hollywood actors

Over the past ten years, many Cult movies and sagas Which Fast and Furious Have Marked the history of American cinema. The film continues its little man with its formula “Big mainstream blockbusters”. It should be noted that despite the nine parts, producers lack inspiration by providing new stories to tell.

Captain Marvel in pictures
Brie Larson

However, the audience feels a certain weariness with a recipe that does not change and low and low acceptance reviews. But this situation does not stop Dom and his gang from realizing and continuing their adventure They Last two opus. To emphasize that Fast and Furious 9 Made half a billion dollars at the global box office.

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In addition, it turns out that a Famous actor of DCEU Or D.The C Expanded Universe will also be part of the next installment. Actor Jason Momoa among themAquaman Who should He plays one of the film’s villains. Makes it clear that nothing has been formalised yet.

Of course, the Superhero No longer interested in their superpowers and prefer Replace with weapons and cars. At the moment, it’s a MCU actress Who expressed interest in a potential role in Fast and Furious.

Finally, Brie Larson’s participation Fast and Furious The film can still bring action. So, fans are looking forward to making history Release of the last two opus. It remains to be seen whether producers took into account the criticisms made to improve image quality.

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