With “blacklight,” Liam Neeson goes dark again

With "blacklight," Liam Neeson goes dark again

An F. A. A.B. The i agent discovers his boss’s questionable methods. As he tries to protect his loved ones, he will strive to uncover corruption. Fourteen years after” taken, “another” Liam Neeson movie ” arrives.

F.B. Travis Black, the i agent, intervenes as a last resort to get his colleagues out of trouble. Obedient and loyal, he Rebels when he learns that the Federal Police are killing enemies and civilians on behalf of the U.S. government. Refusing to silence the agent who wants to reveal the case to the press, he becomes the man to be shot. Apparently, the federal bad guys would soon attack his family, the only conceivable way to put pressure on Travis. But it is not necessary to warm up grandfather, who turns his killer knowledge against his former bosses…

Blacklight Sounds like the wrong cover of a rock album whose melody will have been updated, but the lyrics, unchanged. Liam Neeson no longer gives up the character of the liberating patriarch he played Taken – It’s already been fourteen years… At least he manages not to anger us. The same is not true of Mark Williams’s direction, which is closer to 80s stallonian dreams than a modern action movie. The menu includes the same chases, two car explosions and two regulation shootings.

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