We know that sea level rise suddenly transcends natural variation

De 1940 à 2000, une accélération sans précédent de l'augmentation du niveau de la mer s'est produite. © spiritofamerica, Adobe Stock

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[EN VIDÉO] By 2100 sea level will rise by almost one meter
Ultimatum satellites are the best way to accurately measure sea level rise due to climate change. In orbit, they detect very subtle changes and can pick them up with millimeter accuracy. Cnes (National Center for Space Research) informs us more during this video.

According to a study published in Nature CommunicationsThe researchers found that sea level rise had clearly crossed the threshold Natural variation As early as 1863. Surprisingly, this was the time when the first effects occurred. Global warming The seas also began to feel themselves Melting glaciers, Directly related to human activities. Warming of the oceans and Melting Glaciers are two major causes of sea level rise.

For 1,700 years, global sea level has been subject to regular but minor variations: the level has lost 0.3 millimeters and increased to 0.2 millimeters. Between 1700 and 1760, shortly before Industrial Revolution And massive use Fossil fuelsSea level dropped by 0.1 mm.

Between 1940 and 2000 a drastic change took place as the global sea level rose sharply to 1.4 millimeters a year! This 60-year interval (1940 to 2000) demonstrated unprecedented acceleration in sea level rise, more than anything that has happened in almost 2,000 years. Archaeological studies, analysis Sediment And geochemistry shows that the area where this acceleration first occurred was the North Atlantic Ocean. North of the Atlantic Ocean, this sudden acceleration occurred from the middle of the 19thAnd Century, more precisely between 1820 and 1860 Recent IPCC Report. On the other hand, in other parts of the Atlantic Ocean, acceleration did not begin until the middle of the 20th.And Century.

Correlation between global warming and sea level rise

Remember the use of fossil fuels (Gas, Oil, Coal) Publishes in large quantities Greenhouse gas : I ‘OzoneCarbon dioxide, steam, Methane And this Nitrous oxide The main gases involved in this greenhouse effect form a “lid”AtmospherePart of the trap Heat On Earth. In addition to the melting of ice on land, the warming of the oceans a Expansion A little water. According to Security-NaturalOcean level rise is associated with the expansion of 1/3 of the oceans and melting to 2/3 Glaciers Mountains and Polar caps. This melting is mainly observed in the polar regions of the Arctic and Antarctica. ” The total melting sea level of Antarctica will be equal to 60 meters above sea level, and Greenland’s melting should be added to the order of 7 meters. Notice Security-Natural. According to Recent IPCC Report Released in August 2021, it is expected to rise by an average of 50 centimeters by the end of the century and 2 meters by 2300 or earlier.

This increase will cause some lands to disappear under water and lead to displacement Millions of climate refugees And increase the risk of drowning in seawater Storm OrHurricane.

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