“Daria”, Ayub ghanir’s new movie

«Daria», nouveau long-métrage  d’Ayoub Qanir

Moroccan director Ayoub ghanir has shot his 4th film in Russia titled “Daria”.

According to the filmmaker, “a work that tells, in part, about the relations and geopolitical conflicts between Russia and Chechnya in the early 21st century, “through a portrait of the strong lady of the character” Daria”. About this film, An American writer, director and producer of Moroccan origin filmmaker reveals: “3 years ago, the story of the film was proposed to me by a Russian-American writer who painted for me a portrait of a lonely and stoic woman. She pushes away the neighbourhood of villagers she finds disturbing before a boy of Chechen origin salambek takes refuge on her farm…

Daria’s story has so much emotional stuff, so this film highlights the tensions between Russia and Chechnya”. Shot in the middle of deep Russia between two ordinary villages, Berezay and Bob’ye, the film brings together such famous Russian actors as actress Lyubov Firsova and actor Vladimir gebinovich. The film’s release date has been announced in 2023. In addition to” Daria”, the director shot 3 more films in Mongolia, Iceland and Japan.

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