Amandin was born 40 years ago, the first test tube baby

Amandin was born 40 years ago, the first test tube baby



Science: 40 years ago, Amandin was born, the first test tube baby
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e. Bailey, F. Basil, b. நாங்கம் – France3

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His birth on February 24, 1982, was seen as an event and a scientific achievement. Then there was Amandin, France’s first test tube baby. He is about to celebrate his 40th birthday.

Amandin was born on February 24, 1982. This is the first French test tube baby. Four decades later, Professor Rene FriedmanProfessor of Gynecology, has moving memory. All births are always wonderful. That one, she was identical… And what, I was in-vitro fertilization and childbirth. That will not always be the case. “He recalled.

At the time, the in-vitro fertilization process was even more worrying. At one age, Amandine took her first steps under the cameras Of televisions. At the age of 16, ஆக A mischievous young woman, she again testified before reporters. He was in contact with Professor Rene FriedmanWho is his godfather. The latter boasts of not giving up. Before Amanda, he suffered 23 defeats. Today one in 28 babies in France is born with medical assistance.

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