The rise of the oceans is increasing rapidly

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Scientists have been studying sea level rise for many years, especially at the end of this century. In the February 15, 2022 report entitled Global and regional sea level rise conditions for the United States (“Global and regional sea level rise views of the United States”), Producer NASAThe National Maritime and Atmospheric Administration (Noaa) and other federal agencies.

Forecasts for 2050

This report focuses on sea levels rising by 2050 and coastal cities United States Those already trapped in the flood Wave These reports are needed to report their plans for managing the effects of sea level rise. Scientists estimate that sea levels along the U.S. coast will rise by 25 to 30 centimeters in the next thirty years. Equal to the total increase seen in the last 100 years. These predictions are accompanied by an increase in the frequency and severity of these events. It should also be noted that sea level rise estimates may be exceeded by the end of the century Emissions Greenhouse gas Will continue to growGlobal warming in turn.

These predictions are based on advances in understanding the processes associated with rising water levels. Melting From Ice bubbles And Glaciers Where Complex connections Between oceans, ice and continents. Furthermore, this information is accessible through a new mapping tool developed to display online various views of sea level rise provided by the report. This online climate data monitoring aims to expand and teach the coastal and global communities about the dangerous rate of sea level rise.

Research is still active

Views of Global and regional sea level rise conditions for the United States It is already part of the latest assessment released in August 2021 by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). These reports provide global climate estimates. Via Based on analyzes, among others System simulations.

Final report on vulnerability assessment Climate change Not yet published in the United States: The Fifth National Climate Assessment (“Fifth National Climate Assessment”). Produced by American Global Change Research ProjectIt is based on the current study of “Global and Regional Sea Rise Situations in the United States” and is expected to be released in 2023.

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