Physical figure is a source of stress for Cubes

Physical figure is a source of stress for Cubes

In a poll released Tuesday, nearly 45% of Cubes say their weight makes them happy.

A study by Léger on behalf of the ÉquiLibre organization reveals that the epidemic has had a significant impact on weight and body image concerns and dissatisfaction. Thus, nearly 40% of those surveyed have heard more about their weight since the onset of the health crisis, and 34% say they care more about it.

We must not forget that imprisonment and changes in habits have made people feel more guilty in their diet. So 65% of Cubs want to lose weight, and 25% admit they feel guilty for not eating well. This number increases when it comes to physical activity, with 38% feeling guilty for not doing much.

AndquiLibre’s nutritionist and project manager Andrée-Ann Dufour Bouchard said, “This information is worrying because physical dissatisfaction has clearly demonstrated that healthy living is a barrier to adopting and maintaining habits. And well-being.”

Although 37% say they are interested in controlling their weight, poll results regarding beauty quality may seem worrisome. In fact, the vast majority (70%) admit that they are under pressure to match beauty standards, while 19% doubt their value due to the standards reported in the media.

Working from home has been the norm for almost two years, with 45% of Cubs not daring to open the camera for a conference call when their appearance appears to have been ignored.

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